Joy in the Promise

Lost Joy Returned

March 22nd, 2020
Title: “Remembering God’s Promises”
Message 4 in the Series: “Lost Joy Returned”
1 Samuel 7:1-17
Pastor Brandon Lenhart

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What is the will of God and how do we discern it? How do we know what is from God and what is from something else? How can we make sense of everything in the world and still maintain a sense of hope and joy? When all hope seems lost, what should we do in the midst of distress and uncertainty?

As we continue our series today entitled, “Joy in the Promise,” we come to the continuing saga of the plight of the Israelites in the Promised Land. If you remember from a couple weeks ago, we looked at the “Cycles of Madness” that the Israelites were going through that entailed: Sin, Slavery, Supplication (Repentance), and Salvation.

Today, we witness that same cycle under the leadership of the prophet/judge Samuel. However, in today’s passage of Scripture, we see the ending of a period of sin/slavery and the beginning of repentance/salvation.

Key Point: “Sometimes the loss of joy is due to the fact we are out of the will of God.”

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