Love Does

Free to Fail

October 6th, 2019
Title: “Free to Fail”
Message 2 in the Series: “LOVE DOES”
Matthew 16:13-19, Luke 22:54-62, John 21:15-19
Pastor Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “There is freedom to fail as a follower of Christ, but there’s no freedom to stay there.”
Peter had some glorious failures in his life, but (with the help of Jesus) he moved beyond his failures. Peter learned to risk being a fool for Christ. Sometimes he succeeded, but sometimes he failed. Through winning and losing, through trial, and oftentimes error, Peter never gave up. Sure, he was humbled as all risktakers are a times, and yes, he was embarrassed a time or two in his life, but he never let his failures destroy who he was. Peter knew that He who began a good work in him would be faithful to complete it! It’s because of this that Peter was able to move beyond his failures and was able to be the “Rock” that Jesus would use to build His church! Don’t be afraid to take risks, be humbled, and move past your failures.

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